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Dryden Gold Corp.
Dias Geophysical Limited
Lancaster Resources Inc.
Hertz Energy Inc.
Bounty Gold Corp.
Goldshore Resources Inc.
CopperEx Resources Corporation
Hy-Torque Drilling
Blackwolf Copper and Gold Ltd.
Gold Terra Resource Corp.
Grande Portage Resources Ltd.
QB Drilling
Sego Resources Inc.
Pampa Metals Corp.
Slave Lake Zinc Corp
Hardrock Diamond Drilling
Volcanic Gold Mines Inc.
Renforth Resources Inc.
Pegasus Resources Inc.
Hy-Tech Drilling
Eskay Mining Corp.
Copper Fox Metals Inc.
Thesis Gold Inc.
American Creek Resources Ltd.
Brixton Metals Corporation
NICAN Limited
Defense Metals Corp.
Northwest Copper Corp.
Tearlach Resources Limited
Volta Metals Ltd.
Amarc Resources Ltd.
F3 Uranium Corp.
Sitka Gold Corp.
Rockhaven Resources Ltd.
Gold Basin Resources Corporation
Matrix Camps, Logistics and Aviation Management
Inflection Resources Ltd.
Rackla Metals Inc.
Group Eleven Resources Corp.
Finlay Minerals Ltd.
K2 Gold Corporation
Prospector Metals Corp.
Sun Peak Metals Corp.
Niobay Metals Inc.
Global Battery Metals Ltd.
Prosper Gold Corp.
EV Minerals Corporation
Forte Minerals Corp.
Skyharbour Resources Ltd.
Equity Metals Corporation
Magna Terra Minerals Inc
Hawkeye Gold & Diamond Inc.
Power Nickel Inc.
Granite Creek Copper
Evergold Corp.
Endurance Gold Corporation
Ripasso Precious Metals Corp.
Aben Minerals Ltd.
Rock Tech Lithium Inc.
Sun Summit Minerals Corp.
Provenance Gold Corp.
Murchison Minerals Ltd.
Cascadia Minerals Ltd.
Trailbreaker Resources Ltd.
Metallic Minerals Corp.
Thunderbird Minerals Corp.
Radius Drilling Corp
Champion Electric Metals Inc.
Red Canyon Resources Ltd.
Tectonic Metals Inc.
Snowline Gold Corp.
New Break Resources Ltd.
P2 Gold Inc.
Scottie Resources Corp.
K9 Gold Corp.
Kodiak Copper Corp.
District Metals Corp.
Forum Energy Metals Corp.
Durango Resources Inc.
Cosa Resources Corp.
HELM Diamond Drilling Ltd.
Founders Metals Inc.
Vior Inc.
Nulegacy Gold Corporation
LaFleur Minerals Inc.
Radius Gold Inc.
Kirkland Lake Discoveries Corp.
Banyan Gold Corp.
Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.
Teako Minerals Corp.
EGR Exploration Ltd.
Kingfisher Metals Corp.
Capella Minerals Limited
Riverside Resources Inc.
Smalls Expediting and General Services
Headwater Gold Inc.
Brunswick Exploration Inc.
Tripoint Geological Services Ltd.
ATHA Energy Corp.
Stallion Uranium Corp.
Dorado Drilling Ltd.
Konaleen Drilling Ltd.
Base Diamond Drilling Ltd.
Cascade Copper Corp
Full Force Diamond Drilling LTD
More Core Diamond Drilling Service, Ltd.
Platinum Diamond Drilling Inc.
Capital Helicopters
Burgex Mining Consultants
Element79 Gold Corp.
Stillwater Critical Minerals
Li-FT Power Ltd.
Silver Range Resources Ltd.
Skookum Exploration Services Inc.
Transition Metals Corp.
Standard Uranium Ltd.
Kenorland Minerals Ltd.
Strategic Metals Ltd.
Mosaic Minerals Corporation
Azimut Exploration Inc.
Driftwood Diamond Drilling Ltd.
Kobrea Exploration Corp.
Nine Mile Metals Ltd.
Erdene Resource Development Corporation
Golden Sky Minerals Corp.
Beyond Lithium Inc.
Zodiac Gold Inc.
Opawica Explorations Inc.
Discovery Diamond Drilling
Top Rank Diamond Drilling
Hyperspectral Intelligence Inc
Newcore Gold Ltd.
Fortitude Gold Corp.
Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
Akobo Minerals AB (publ)
Fireweed Metals Corp.
Chibougamau Diamond Drilling Ltd.
Far Out Collective Ltd.
Alpha Drilling Corp.
North Bay Resources Inc.
SJ Geophysics Ltd.
Laurion Mineral Exploration Inc.
New Age Drilling Solutions Inc.
Astral Resources NL
Xplore Resources Corp.
Onyx Gold Corp.
Silver North Resources Ltd
American Eagle Gold Corp.
Trifecta Gold Ltd.
Osisko Metals Incorporated
Gold Hunter Resources Inc
North Arrow Minerals Inc.
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